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Броj на играчи: 1-6 Времетраење: 20 мин. Возраст: 3+ Издавач: Ravensburger Enter the dynamic world of colors and shapes. Can you match all playing pieces to the game board? Roll the color and the shape dice to find out. Promotes fundamental skills with 4 different levels of game play for children of all ages and learning abilities to enjoy.

Junior Colorino

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Броj на играчи: 1 Времетраење: 10 мин. Возраст: 2+ Издавач: Ravensburger Junior Colorino is a one player game for small children to help them learn their primary colors. The child basically needs to place the color chip on the correct space on the board. Four different boards (sheets) are included with different pictures on each. One side of each board has the picture in color while the other side has it in black and white.

Junior Labyrinth

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Броj на играчи: 1-4 Времетраење: 15 мин. Возраст: 5+ Издавач: Ravensburger Shift the maze walls and move your ghosts through open corridors on the board in search of treasures. Whoever reaches a treasure first can claim it, but the corridors close up quickly as the maze walls shift, so it can take a few turns to reach a goal. It takes both strategy and luck to collect the most treasures and win the game.

Make and Break

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Броj на играчи: 2-4 Времетраење: 30 мин. Возраст: 8 + Издавач: Ravensburger Test Your Building Skills against the Clock Make ‘N’ Break has a simple concept and easy-to-follow rules, making it easy to pick up and play right out of the box. First, roll the dice to see how much time to put on the timer, draw a game card, and arrange ten multicolored blocks to match the design on the card. Complete the designs on as many cards as you can until the timer runs out, then collect the number of tokens you’ve earned from your cards–three for difficult designs, two for moderate designs, and one for easy designs. After four rounds, the builder with the most tokens wins. A Family Game That’s Fun for Kids and Adults Alike Because the game cards feature variable difficulty levels, Make ‘N’ Break can be enjoyed by everyone from children to adults. Although young children will probably be unable to arrange the blocks quickly to the timer, just practicing the arrangements on the cards will help reinforce their logical and spatial reasoning. These fundamental skills are not necessarily ones that adults are guaranteed to excel at above their children, making this an exciting family game where the kids and the adults can compete head to head. Excellent Replay Value For more experienced players, Make ‘N’ Break becomes a race against time and requires dexterous fingers and quick reactions. Luck also becomes a factor, with the dice roll determining how much time you receive on the timer to complete your arrangements. Our testers found the replay value of this game to be great–chances are you won’t tire of the game after multiple plays, but will continue to get better at it, resulting in fiercer competitions. There is also an alternate set of rules for “expert builders,” making the game even more intense.

Minecraft: Builders & Biomes

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Броj на играчи: 2-4 Времетраење: 30-60 мин. Возраст: 10+ Издавач: Ravensburger As in the original Minecraft digital game, in Minecraft: Builders & Biomes players explore the Overworld, build structures, and mine resources, earning points for structures and the largest connected biomes of forest, desert, mountain, or snowy tundra spaces on their player boards. Familiar foes like Endermen, Creepers, and other mobs also appear throughout the game, and they need to be defeated using weapons collected from the board. Defeating mobs earn players points in addition to granting additional awards. Game scoring occurs as the resource cube’s layers are depleted. As soon as the third layer runs out, the adventure comes to an end, and the builder with the most points wins. In more detail, on a turn you take two different actions from the following possibilities: • Collect two blocks: At the start of the game, you set up a 4x4x4 cube of building blocks with 16 wood, 14 sand, 12 stone, 10 obsidian, and 12 emerald being placed together at random. When you collect a block, the top face and at least two other sides must be revealed. • Move: Your character starts in the center of a 4×4 grid of tile stacks, with each stack holding four tiles. Weapon tiles are placed at the end of each column and row. Move 0-2 spaces between stacks, then reveal all adjacent tiles that are face down. •Build: Discard blocks from your personal supply to match the building requirements on a tile next to your character. Place this tile on your personal 3×3 building board. • Fight a mob: Choose a mob adjacent to your character, then reveal three tiles from your weapon stack, which starts with a stone sword, a wooden sword, and three poisonous potatoes. Tally the number of hearts revealed; if this sum is at least as large as the number of hearts on the mob, you defeat it. Remove it from the board, and place it next to your personal building board. Mobs might grant you an endgame scoring bonus, immediate points, or a one-shot bonus action. •Collect a weapon:If your character is next to a weapon tile at the edge of the playing grid, you can shuffle it into your weapon stack. Scoring takes place three times during the game, specifically after the final block is removed from the first, second, and third level of the building block cube. In the first round, you choose one of the four biomes (forest, desert, mountains, or snowy tundra) and score for the largest connected area of this biome on your personal building board. The board comes pre-printed with biome spaces, and as you place buildings on this board, you can alter the biome of a space. In the second round, you choose one of three materials (wood, sand, stone, or obsidian) and score for the largest connected group of structures on your personal building board that are made of this material. In the third round, you score for the largest contiguous group of structures (decoration, dwelling, animal house, or bridge) of your choice on your board. After scoring in the third round, tally bonus points from the mobs you’ve collected.

Paku Paku

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Броj на играчи: 2-8 Времетраење: 10 мин. Возраст: 8+ Издавач: Ravensburger Who stacks up cups and plates to wobbly heights? Who will start sweating when the other players push the dice towards them? And whose paws will stay calm in Paku Paku, a swift dice-rolling game for 2-8 pandas who are hungry for victory?


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Броj на играчи: 1-5 Времетраење: 15 мин. Возраст: 4+ Издавач: Ravensburger Let´s Play! There are many stories waiting to be discovered and told! Each player uses their memory skills to try to be the first player to collect all five story cards about a single character. Once all of the players have collected all of their story cards, they arrange their cards to tell a story of their choice. Maybe the kitten unraveled the sweater and rolled the yarn into a tidy ball. Or maybe the clever kitten started with the ball of yarn and knit his very own sweater! Encourages children to develop their imagination and creativity as well as logical thinking and language skills.


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Броj на играчи: 3-5 Времетраење: 15 мин. Возраст: 7+ Издавач: Ravensburger Players are given speed-based tasks to perform when certain cards are laid on the table, with the slowest player penalized by taking the discard pile. Players race to empty their hands for the win. The game may best be described as card-driven “Simon Says.”